Hazelwood Sweater Errata

Designed by Shannon Squire

Version 1.0 – 5/13/2014
Originally published.

Version 1.1 – 5/27/2014

  1. Page 3 – Error. The note about the raglan increases happening on the same color stripe is wrong and has been removed.

  2. Page 8 – Typo. Row 1 should have square brackets as follows: [k to 2 sts before m, (k2tog, yo2, ssk)].

Version 1.2 – 6/14/2014

  1. Page 7 – Error. Start button band at sweater’s right front bottom edge (as worn). Note that blue trimmed sweater shown in photos has the button holes on the incorrect side!

  2. Page 8 – Disambiguation. Button band section has been renumbered to eliminate confusion with Button Band vs. Button Hole rows 1-2.