Meet the Twistedista: Emily

Name: Emily, owner When did you first knit, and who taught you? I first learned to knit from my mother and grandmother when I was maybe 7. We bought some hideous acrylic monstrosity from Kmart and I made a… polygon…? It never got to scarf status. I couldn’t ever figure out how to turn the work […]

Meet the Designers: Debbi Stone

When did you first knit, and who taught you? My grandmother when I was 7. What are your favorite things to knit? I love knitting accessories of all kinds for the instant gratification! What has been your most frustrating knitting project?  A sweater that I knit about 20 years ago, when I knew nothing nor cared nothing […]

Meet the Twistedistas: Kat

Name: Kat When did you first knit, and who taught you? Freshman year of college, late 1990s. A girl who lived across the hall was knitting, and I immediately asked her what she was doing and if she would teach me. Both of my grandmothers crocheted and had tried to teach me, but it just didn’t take. […]

Elizabeth Doherty is Coming to Twisted!

With her brilliant book Top Down: Reimagining Set-In Sleeve Design, Elizabeth Doherty has revolutionized the way we think of top down sweater construction. Her designs for Twist Collective, Wool People, Quince & Co, and her own Blue Bee Studio combine clean, modern style with charming details. This October, Elizabeth joins us for two sessions of […]

Up Close with Quince!

The lovely Mer took a trip back East and stopped by one of our favorite vendors. She’s sharing her tour of Quince & Co. with us. Thanks to her fantastic partner-in-crime, Jesse, who snapped photo after photo while Mer lived the dream! While I was visiting my family in Maine I had the incredible opportunity […]

Knit Happens

So a few of you (I’m talking to you Sheryl!) may have already figured out that every other Wednesday I co-host an internet radio show called Knit Happens on Michelle is the main dame who’s there every week, and Kristin and I trade off as her side kick. Just so you know, our show/podcasts […]

We’re HiP

Handmade in Portland, that is. Read Bettie’s interview with us on her blog, Handmade in Portland. (photo by Bettie Newell) Handmade in Portland is full of fantastic how-to’s (customized embroidery, ice cream cupcakes, crayons, interchangeable bra straps), interviews, events, and in general mad PDX flavor.