Upcoming Classes – Textures & Techniques

Decorative Mending Saturday, April 1 from 10:30am-1:30pm Join Sivia Harding for this inspiring workshop! Discover techniques from around the world for saving your knits, including Sivia’s own knitted mend. Advanced Brioche – Liguria Hat Saturday, April 1 & 8 from 2:00-4:00pm Brioche is all the rage these days! If you’ve fallen for this squishy stitch, […]

More Fiber Arts at Twisted

Crafting has a way of leading to more crafting. If you knit or crochet, chances are you have other fibery avenues you’d love to pursue. Maybe you’d like to learn to make your own unique yarns, or discover the pleasure of playing with color and texture on a rigid heddle loom. Perhaps you’re interested in creating […]

Needle Felting Workshop

Needle felting is gaining popularity, with crafts people and fiber artists sharing and selling whimsical figures, creative garments, and unique gifts at holiday fairs, cute boutiques, and on websites like Etsy. If you are excited about needle felting, we have an inspiring workshop coming up at Twisted! Students will discover how to make adorable (or […]

Black Sheep Looms

Woven wall-hangings seem to be everywhere right now. And as it turns out, they are a great way to bust through some of that stash. What stash? I know. Me, too. Let’s not speak of it. However, should you stumble upon partial skeins of yarn, or have those single skeins you just don’t know what […]

Slow Fashion Month

As the Pacific Northwest begins its rainy season, we are drawn physically and mentally inward to the warmth and comfort of the indoors, re-allotting time once spent hiking and picnicking with friends to more quiet activities. Maybe we begin projects inside the home, or find comfort in the simplicity of things like board games and hot tea. […]

Find Your New Crafty Passion

Have more fun with fiber this Spring at Twisted! Needle Felting Workshop: Saturday, April 30, from 2:00-4:00pm. Needle felting is like painting or sculpting with fiber, and this class covers both flat and 3D techniques. Learn how to make figures, embellishments, and more. Take home one of the adorable Woolpets kits, and get whimsical! Beginner’s […]

Learn to Spin at Twisted!

What could be more fun than using beautiful fiber to create your very own yarn? Hand-spun has a unique charm for stand out, one of a kind knits.  These upcoming classes with Simone Barber are a perfect introduction to your next wooly adventures! Intro to Wheel Spinning – Tuesday, March 1, 8 & 15; from 6:00-8:00pm. Learn […]

Fun with Fiber!

We have a beautiful wall of roving here at Twisted. The fibers are luxurious, and the colors are inspiring. If you’ve ever found yourself gazing at it, wondering where to start, we have some fabulous classes coming up at Twisted! Karen Jensen holds her Needle Felting Workshop Saturday, January 23, from 1:00-3:00pm. This class covers […]

New Year, New Skills, More Fun!

I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions, but there is something about the beginning of the year that sets me thinking of things I’d like to try, improve, or change. It feels like a fresh start, and the Knitting is always in there somewhere. This year, I hope to return to documenting my projects […]

Cozy Up with Our Knitting Classes

  This time of year can be overwhelming – what better way to relax than with a cup of tea and a great knitting project? Join our serene teachers in our comfortable, quiet classroom for fun, knowledge, and inspiration! The Playful Stripes Child’s Cardigan is Sunday, December 6, 20 & January 3, from 12:00-2:00pm. This adorable […]