Fun Classes for Quick Gifts!

The Holidays always sneak up on me, and this can lead to a little panic. There is something so special about handmade gifts, but it’s almost impossible to find time to make them during an already busy season. If you’re like me, I have a couple of great suggestions for upcoming classes at Twisted. These classes […]

Knitting in the 21st Century

Knitting has always been based on a foundation of shared knowledge, traded secrets, and personal experience. Take a moment to imagine Barbara G. Walker, somewhere in the mid-1960s, hunched over a table in the Library of Congress, transcribing stitch patterns and copying charts by hand. Her classic Treasuries stand as reminders of a time when […]

Sweater Knitter’s Rejoice!

With all this beautiful, blustery, Autumn weather, Sweater Season is undeniably here. It’s our favorite time of year at Twisted, and we’re all plotting warm, cozy projects with our irresistible new yarns. It doesn’t matter if you are ready for your very first sweater or have been a sweater knitter since forever, we have a […]

Thank You, Ann Budd!

Friday, November 6th was a whirlwind of knitting education and fun, thanks to Ann Budd! We are so honored to have been host to her fabulous classes, and to have met such a lovely lady. Ann imparted a tremendous amount of experience and information to students, with such a natural, comfortable tone that time just […]

Knit All The Sweaters!

We have the perfect opportunities to get you prepped for all kinds of sweater success! This Friday, November 6, Ann Budd will be teaching her Intro to Sweater Design Workshop, from 6:00-9:00pm. Even if you would never think of designing your own pattern, this class will illuminate the way sweaters come together! Learn the fabulous, straight […]