Workshop – Designs from Nature & Architecture with Debbi Stone


Knitting changes the way you see the world. Depending on where your passions lie, you may find yourself looking at bridges and seeing elegant cables, or arches in lace. Next thing you know, you’re taking close up pictures of lichen on a hiking trip, because you want to remember the color combination for a striped scarf. Knitting creeps in, sparks our creativity, makes us see knitting patterns all around us.

It’s no surprise that this connection is so ancient. Some of the oldest stitches have names like Moss, Fern, Gull, and Crest o’ the Wave. One of my favorite simple lace stitches is Razor Shell, a two row Shetland pattern named after a clam.


While overflowing with enthusiasm, it can be a daunting task to take inspiration to design to finished project. Flipping through stitch dictionaries, looking at photos, what should you be considering when adding a new stitch to a favorite cardigan, sock, or shawl formula? How can you build a design from a vague idea, like my “summer linen shrug, possibly involving leaves”? Where to start?


This is just one reason I am so pleased that Debbi Stone will be teaching her Designs from Nature & Architecture workshop on Saturday, June 20, from 2-5pm. This class promises to give you all the tools you need to transform your ideas into one of a kind projects you’ll always treasure for their special connection to a favorite place, tree, or memory. Debbi will teach you how, with a passion for knitting, anything is possible!

courtesy of Debbi Stone

photo courtesy of Debbi Stone

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