Knit, Love, Repeat with These Classes at Twisted

Think of your perfect knitting project. It needs to be a balance of interesting and soothing, right? And something that shows off the beauty of your favorite yarn, maybe lets you play with color and stripes. What could beat the marriage of garter stitch and unusual construction?

There’s a project so beloved, it has over 23,000 entries on Ravelry. A pattern so timeless, it only needs initials: EZ’s BSJ.


Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.08.46 PM

Elizabeth Zimmermann is famous – maybe infamous – for her pithy writing. Peruse her books, and you’ll be as entertained as you are inspired. Her mind worked in astonishing ways, and her Baby Surprise Jacket is like knitter’s origami. Like turning the heel on a sock, I still get a thrill when I see one off the needles and folded into it’s true shape. Even better, this sweater is designed to be a comfortable, cuddly wrapper for little ones, flexible and practically seamless.

Elizabeth loved to encourage knitter’s to be adventurous, and wrote her patterns a bit like recipes. It helps to have an interpreter. After all, the perfect project also needs to be fun! Parna will be teaching her comprehensive Baby Surprise Jacket class, starting Sunday, May 31, from 12-2pm.

Parna will also be teaching her empowering Finishing class on Saturday, May 30, from 1-4pm. In this three hour workshop, you will learn all of Parna’s tricks and tips for seaming, grafting, weaving in ends, blocking, common edgings, and more! Struggle no longer, learn to love the details, and see your knits transformed!

You can sign up right now for either class online, or call or swing into Twisted to enroll. Your next favorite project is waiting!