Classes for Magical Finishing Touches

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Finishing really is magic. No one can deny it. It smooths out variations in tension, makes stitches pop, and lends a tailored look to everything to touches. Imagine those little birds from Cinderella, but instead of arranging ribbons on a ballgown, they’re tucking in ends and pinning out lacy points.

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Would you like to learn a little magic? Mer Stevens is offering her very popular No-Sew Zipper Installation class this Sunday, May 17th from 12:00-2:00pm. Zippers are a fantastic closure for sporty cardigans, but can be daunting. Mer will teach you her astounding technique for adding a zipper without the struggle of sewing.

Nothing takes your finished project to the next level like good blocking. Michele Bernstein is giving her Blocking: It’s Magic workshop this Monday, May 18th, from 5:30-7:30pm.  If you missed it the last time, now is your chance! Michele will share her extensive knowledge of when and how to block your knits.


There’s nothing like a few new tricks to invigorate your knitting – and impress your friends! Let our amazing instructors teach you how to be a finishing wizard. As always, you can sign up through our web store, drop by Twisted, or give us a call at 503 922 1150.