Skill Building Classes at Twisted!

*** Unfortunately, Michelle has had to cancel these classes due to unforeseen circumstances. We will be rescheduling them soon! If you would like to be contacted when we have new dates, please call Twisted (503.922.1150) or email ***

Every Spring, I have a moment of deep gratitude for living in Portland. Growing up in the Idaho mountains, where snow – not the downy white coverlets that we started with, but crusty, icy, gray lumps – still lurks everywhere in late April, I longed for cherry blossoms and thundershowers on my birthday. Now, I greet each abundantly flowering shrub, each sudden, gusty downpour, with special affection. We are surrounded by such tender, ephemeral beauty right now.

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It can be hard to decide what to wear when you go out the door, though, and so tricky to plan for weekends that could be perfect for getting the garden squared away, or maybe better for hiding in a favorite coffee shop from the surprise storm that just rolled into town. What to do?

This is the perfect time to fit a quick, inspiring class into your schedule. As crafters, we all have things we taught ourselves, learning the hard way through trial and error. Maybe we have a few areas we know we could improve, too. It’s part of the creative process, and what keeps our hobby interesting, but wouldn’t you love to have an expert show you their secret tricks for success?

We are lucky enough to have a couple of classes coming up on Saturday, May 2nd, with the fabulous Michelle Bernstein, PDXKnitterati herself, that are guaranteed to put some big guns in your knitting arsenal.

First up, for everyone who dreads those moments when you know something has gone wonky, we have Tink, Drop, Frog! How do I Fix This? Michelle will teach you how to “read” your knitting, decode your mistakes, and what to do to get back on track and looking good. This class is from 12-2pm on Saturday, May 2nd. Knit with confidence!

Next, a finished project just isn’t finished without blocking. Even if you are not planning on photographing or giving your completed handknits, blocking makes a world of difference in how a garment fits and drapes, makes seaming easier, and brings all your hard work to life. It eases slight differences in tension, like those three rows you did while watching the news after too much coffee. Blocking: It’s Magic is not just the name of the class, it’s a Twisted philosophy and the absolute truth. This class is from 2:30pm-4:30pm on Saturday, May 2nd. Michelle will teach you everything you need to be a true Blocking Wizard!

To sign up, book online or give us a call at 503 922 1150.