Benefit Lecture with Cat Bordhi & Jim Petkiewicz

Peru 3Cat Bordhi and Jim Petkiewicz invite you to travel with them to Peru on Saturday, February 28 from 6:30p-7:30p at Twisted. Experience an intimate journey and a taste of the trips they create for knitters.

Peru 4Cat and Jim will carry you into the colors, people, landscape, food, and hand-made treasures of a culture where skillful hands are revered by all. And everyone from small children to the elderly are blessed with a spatial intelligence that makes it possible to share a banquet of techniques and traditions with strangers as if they are long-lost friends or family.

Peru 2Don’t miss this unique opportunity to view museum-quality textiles and hear mesmerizing stories.

The evening will benefit Community Links International, a non-profit which supports education, community, environment, and social justice in the US and Latin America.

Seating is limited.
Purchase tickets in store or online for $15.