Woven Scarves book signing this Saturday

We are super pleased that Stephanie Flynn Sokolov, co-author of the exciting Woven Scarves book, will be at Twisted on Saturday, March 29th from 1-3pm, to sign books and do some warping demos!

Woven Scarves introduces weavers to a broad sampling of weaving techniques and encourages exploration of various ways of creating cloth on a rigid heddle loom, using yarn found right here at Twisted!

Using differing weave structures, color, yarn combinations, and techniques such as felting and embellishment, the authors walk you through the basics to your own jumping off point for personal exploration and creation in weaving.

Come over to Twisted this weekend and meet this fantastic weaving resource! If you purchase the book, we’ll give you 10% off one project’s worth of yarn! Need a loom? We have a few Cricket 15″ rigid heddle looms in stock (and can easily special order any other Schacht loom you’d like to get your hands on).