Happy Thanksgiving!

Every day, when we arrive at Twisted, we walk around the shop, making sure all is well in our little yarn-y world. With the Thanksgiving holiday here, we’ve had more reasons than usual to reflect on why Twisted is what it is. We made a list of what we are thankful for, and do you know who is at the top of that list? YOU! pumpkinpie
Jazz Age Shawlette
Gilded Cowl
Peacock Plumes
Winter Cheer
What are we thankful for? Let us count the things:

1. Our customers. Without you, we would be nothing.

2. Our staff. We find ourselves surrounded by the most amazing group of crafty chicas in the world – smart, talented women who share their enthusiasm for the craft on a daily basis.

3. Our teachers. What a group of knowledgeable folks we have, introducing customers and staff alike to new skills all the time.

4. Our vendors. When we first opened, we had no clue our walls would be filled with so much inspiration. It’s almost dangerous, being there every day, with so much crafty possibility surrounding us.

5. Crafting. We are so thankful we have this fabulous hobby/vocation/obsession/whatever you want to call it. It inspires us, sometimes it consumes us, but it also means that we are the people who actually don’t mind forced idle time (i.e. at the doctor’s office, etc), because that means we have a bit of crafty time.

To that end, we’d like to offer you, our #1 thing to be thankful for, some crafty inspiration today. All Twisted patterns designed by Megan Dalrymple, Lenka IlcisinSorren KerrKatherine Leek, Parna Mehrbani, Courtney Sherwood, Shannon Squire, Mer Stevens & Emily Williams are on sale on Ravelry today only for $1.00 off!

Just use the coupon code “thankee” at checkout!

Consider this a little help in figuring out your plan of attack for the Pajama Jammy Jam tomorrow. Wink, wink.