Knit Your First Sweater!

Have you wanted to knit a sweater, but are reluctant to start such a big project without some guidance?  Join Parna for this four class session (classes occur every other week so you won’t even have to stress about getting your knitting done) to knit  a sweater that does not require seaming.  The best part is that you get to choose from a number of Knitting Pure and Simple Patterns!

First Top-Down Sweater

$60 with Parna Mehrbani

Make your first sweater from the top-down and avoid seaming almost altogether! You can choose from one of five patterns from Knitting Pure and Simple! Please note that this class is scheduled every other week and for different lengths of time to allow for help at each tricky part of the pattern and so that you have time to knit! You should be able to finish the class with an almost completed garment!

Date/Time: Sundays, Oct.27,1-3 pm; Nov.10,1-2 pm; Nov.24,1-2 pm; Dec.8,1-3pm

Materials – Either bring your own or before/during class get 20% off on: check the pattern you select for yarn and needle requirements (be sure to make a gauge swatch). We will discuss needle requirements during the first class, so make sure to do a swatch as directed in your pattern, but the additional required needles can be purchased after the first class.

Homework: Please do a stockinette stitch swatch in your sweater yarn before class and bring it to class.

Includes: Choose one of the following Knitting Pure and Simple patterns: Neckdown Cardigan for Women (#9725); Neckdown Scoop Cardigan (#278); Neckdown Summer Cardigan (#221); Topdown Swing Pullover (#115) or Midweight Neckdown Pullover (#265)

Interested? To sign up, email us at or call 503-922-1150.  You can also sign up on-line! Check out our full class and events list here.