Revolutionary Knitting this Monday!

knitting-center-outKnitting from the center out is a “revolutionary old technique” for making just about anything. Working on double-pointed needles and beginning with just a few stitches, our work will grow outwards with each spin around the needles. In this class we’ll learn an easy center-out cast-on and knit a beautiful spiral pattern. We’ll explore the possibilities of making everything from baby blankets to stuffed animals from the center out. What we begin in class could become a coaster, a holiday ornament, a rattle, a hat, a baby blanket, a pillow, or a tablecloth – you decide!

Date/Time: Monday, September 9; 6 – 8 pm

$20 with Daniel Y.

Materials- Either bring your own or before/during class get 20% off on: Smooth Worsted or Bulky weight yarn in a light color- minimum 50 yards, but more if you wish to eventually make a hat (200 yards) or blanket (1000 yards). A set of four or five double pointed needles, made of wood, bamboo, or plastic, size 9 or 10. Stitch markers.

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