Long-color repeat yarns at 20% off? Yes, please!


We are sorry to report that our webstore upgrade is taking much longer than anticipated to get back on track, so our webstore is not actually working at this point in time. Not to worry, though – our yarn is still fresh, gorgeous and for sale! Give us a call at 503-922-1150 or shoot an email to info@twistedpdx.com for any questions or purchases. Thanks so much for your understanding, and we’ll get the shop up and running just as soon as we can.



There is so much you can do with long-color-repeating yarns, and we’re giving you 20% off this week, so you can play, play, play!

Our Summertime Sale this week includes all of the Mochis (Mini Mochi, Mochi Plus and Mochi Chunky) and everything from the Zauberball Family – Lace Zauberball, Zauberball, Crazy Zauberball, Starke 6 and Gradient.

Oh! And, Zitron’s Unisono, Jojoland Melody, Lang Sol Degrade. The hits just keep on coming. And they are all 20% off!

Get 20% off all of our favorite long-color-repeating yarns all week, from Monday, August 5th through Sunday, August 11th. Create something gorgeous today!

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