Moonrise Necklace Class

This necklace gets lots of notice, mostly from knitters who cannot believe it was knitted! A garden of beads is randomly strung onto lace weight yarn to produce a luscious, densely beaded necklace. Students employ stringing skills, learn how to manage a large number of strung beads, and use short-rowed garter stitch to create a comfortable-to-wear and very unique and beautiful neck piece. Guaranteed to be an addictive knit, and so desired as a gift!


Moonrise Necklace

$30 with Sivia Harding

Date/Time: Saturday, August 3; 1-4pm

Materials – Either bring your own or before/during class get 20% off on: A small amount (about 30 yards) of lace weight yarn (preferably a silk blend, which is less likely to break), or one hank of Vineyard silk yarn; 2 US size 0 (2mm) bamboo double pointed needles, and either a Moonrise Necklace kit or a collection of various beads to use in your necklace and to swap with other students. Bead suggestions: seed beads (size 6 and 8), drop beads, daggers, cubes, megatamas, or any shape, size or texture that appeals to you. Assemble at least ¼ cup of beads total for your necklace. A great place to get beads is just down the block from us at Dava Beads.

Includes: Pattern, necklace clasp, beading needle.

Skills learned: Short rows, small-gauge knitting, knitting with beads.

Interested?  Call us at 503-922-1150, come in or register on-line!