Tink, Drop, Frog Class on Thursday!

Join Michele as she teaches you how to fix common knitting “oopses” without tearing your hair or all your hard work out.  This is the class that will change your knitting experience forever as you learn to read your stitches and are able to catch errors quickly.

Tink, Drop, Frog: How do I fix this?

$20 with Michele Bernstein
How to fix (and notice!) common mistakes in your knitting.

Date/Time: Thursday, May 16; 6-8 pm

Materials – either bring your own or before/during class get 20% off on: One skein bulky weight yarn (plain, light color preferable) and one set of needles to match (US 10.5 or so), one crochet hook in size G, H or I.

Homework: Bring to class: One flat swatch stockinette stitch swatch, knit in bulky weight yarn (light color preferable) on appropriately sized needles. 20 stitches, 16 rows. Leave on needles.

Skills learned: Picking up dropped stitches, unknitting stitch by stitch (tinking), tearing out rows at a time (frogging), and other common mistakes.

If having less knitting stress sounds like a good plan, email us at class@twistedpdx.com or call 503-922-1150 to register.  You can also register on-line here.  Check out our full class and events list here.