Mingling Purse + Knitted Wit’s Silky Merino

We really worked hard to highlight some of our favorite yarns in our Hot Holiday Knits Collections, and to be good matchmakers. Kat‘s Mingling Purse is really a beautiful marriage of yarn and project. It’s an idea that was percolating in Kat’s knitterly brain for a looong time, and it was the HHK deadline that pushed her into getting that design finished and on paper. Boy, are we glad she did, because this is one adorable purse, and oh, so clever.

When Kat was thinking about the perfect yarn for this, Knitted Wit’s Silky Merino just kind of leapt up and said, “hey, check me out, I’m super special.” And, boy, howdy, is it ever. Rustic yet soft, in gorgeous saturated colors. Absolutely perfect for this project, or for anything special you’d like to make for yourself OR someone really worthy in your life.