Portuguese Knitting Class This Thursday with Daniel!

Do you prefer to knit English or Continental, pick or throw? Try a new way – flick! Portuguese knitting is a whole ‘nother way of working that’s all in the thumbs, and tensioned around your neck. This method is superbly easy on the hands and wrists, and offers the fastest purl in town! In this class we’ll learn to knit and purl by the Portuguese method.

Portuguese Knitting, $20 With Daniel Yuhas

Date/Time: Thursday, November 8, 6-8pm

Materials: either bring your own or before/during class get 20% off on: any yarn in a light color that you’d love to rub on your cheek, and needles appropriate to your yarn in a size you’re comfortable with – 9s or 10s are great for learning.

Skills learned: Portuguese Knitting.

Interested? To sign up, visit us at the store, email us at class@twistedpdx.com or call 503-922-1150. Check out our full class and events list here.