Make your very own perfectly fitting gloves!

Gloves are awesome. Especially when your fingers aren’t scrunched or worse: there are dangly bits at the tips!

Fingerless mitts are superfly and all, but sometimes you just want a good old fashioned pair of gloves. Not chunky mittens, not those Fred Meyer $1.99 specials, but real, actual, simple yet elegant hand-knit gloves. Michelle Molis, Twisted teacher extraordinaire, is going to show us how to do it. Check out how very much we love these gloves:


More deets?

Knit-to-Fit Gloves

$40 with Michelle Molis

Make your own custom-fitting gloves this winter!

Date/Time: Mondays, October 22 & 29; 6-8 pm -or-

Mondays, November 12 & 19; 6-8 pm

Materials – either bring your own or before/during class get 20% off on: 200-300 yards fingering-weight sock yarn, size US 2 double pointed needles (or size needed to get gauge), tape measure, a calculator, a darning needle, and stitch markers.

Please do a gauge swatch in the round at least 3″ wide. Or, you can knit a smaller tube and we can cut it open.
Original fit-your-own hand glove pattern by Michelle Molis

Interested? To sign up, email us at or call 503-922-1150. Check out our full class and events list here.