We need purple hats!

The Period of Purple Crying Campaign needs hats now through the first of October. Get 10% off purple yarn purchased expressly for this project here at Twisted!!!

Our hat collection is down from last year and we’re behind our goals. We need your help! If everyone who “likes” us on Facebook just knit one tiny wee hat, we’d be all caught up in a jiffy!

Click this link to get your free copy of Emily Williams’ It’s My Party Hat, and start creating small bundles of adorable purpleness.

A few of our favorite yarns for this (depending on color selection at the moment!) include:
Berroco Comfort Worsted, Acrylic, $6.50
Berroco Vintage Worsted, Wool/Acrylic, $8.00
Be Sweet Bambino, Cotton/Bamboo, $11
Dream in Color Classy, Superwash merino, $20
Madelinetosh Merino, Superwash merino, $19
Madelinetosh Vintage, Superwash merino, $19.25
Peaches and Creme, Cotton, $3.25 for balls, $17.50 for cones

Twisted is super proud to sponsor Portland’s CLICK for Babies Campaign run in Portland by Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel.


This project aims to teach folks about the Period of PURPLE Crying, those first few months when some babies don’t ever seem to stop crying, and how it can lead to Shaken Baby Syndrome.

What can you do, you may be asking yourself? You can knit a PURPLE baby cap (or two or ten)! Caps will be collected from now until the first of October and distributed during the month of November to new babies and their families, along with educational materials.

Guidelines for Caps

  • Caps should be made using any shade of PURPLE yarn. Other colors of yarn may be incorporated into the cap, but a shade of PURPLE should encompass at least 50 percent of the cap.
  • Yarn that is “baby friendly” (soft, machine-washable).
  • Infant heads come in a variety of sizes. As a general rule, caps should have a circumference between 7.5-13.5in and a height of 5-6in
  • Please refrain from including “pom poms” or any type of strap to secure caps to baby’s heads. These pose a potential choking and/or strangling hazard to babies.

Please knit PURPLE newborn baby caps, as many as you like, and by October 26th either either bring them to Twisted or mail them to:

Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel
c/o Thonna Vela
Volunteer Services
2801 N Gantenbein Ave #1073
Portland, OR  97227

2 thoughts on “We need purple hats!

  1. Please define what you mean by “baby friendly”. Not every yarn that I think would be baby friendly has the word baby on it. For example machine-washable soft wool or wool blends. I don’t think Berrocco Comfort states “baby friendly” and yet I would classify it as such.

  2. Hi Michelle. Good point. I copied and pasted that from the Click site and it’s true that almost nothing is actually labeled “baby friendly”! I’m editing the post to take that out and to include a list of a few of our top suggestions. Thanks again!

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