Sock Loom Class. 12/3, 10-1

Have you tried handknitting socks, and struggled through the process? Do you have joint pain that prevents you from working with small needles? Do you just want to try something new? Knitting socks on a sock loom is a fun alternative to traditional sock knitting. Using an adjustable sock loom, you’ll learn basic loom-knitting skills, including all the steps needed to create a sock. We’ll knit a top-down baby sock in class, and you’ll have the skills to knit socks of all sizes on your sock loom. We will not be using circular looms, but rectangular adjustable sock looms. We sell adjustable sock looms from Knitter’s Board at Twisted, too (20% off if you take the class!)

Date/Time: Saturday, Dec 3, 10am-1pm
Materials: A skein of sport or dk yarn of your choice and an adjustable, rectangle sock loom. Your loom may come with a recommended yarn weight. If so, please bring the yarn suggested by your loom.
Cost: $30
with Parna Mehrbani

4 thoughts on “Sock Loom Class. 12/3, 10-1

  1. Will this be an on-site class? If so, where are you located? If not, will it be offered via the internet? I already have the adjustable sock loom-kit and some sock yarn. Am I good to go? Thanks, Di

  2. I hope you will repeat this later on. I think I would like this technique but am out of town until next week.

  3. Hey there, Di and Joan! This class will be at Twisted, here in Portland, and will not be available online (we don’t do online classes, just in our shop). And, we will be offering it again, probably after the first of the year. The looms are really cool!

  4. Oh my!!! Parna, I will be waiting desperately for you to offer this class again. You see, I always seem to read the blog a day or two after an event I am interested in. Yes, I am working on my timing.

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