Secrets of your LYS Class with Bluegirl Knits- Nov 19

Want to learn all our deepest, darkest secrets? Yeah?

Well, you’re never going to believe what I heard about Emily the other day…Gauge


Oh, wait. I’m being told those aren’t the secrets Nichole Reese of Bluegirl Knits will be sharing next Saturday. Ahem. Forget I said anything.

But Nichole WILL be telling you all about…

– Gauge. What is it, how do you measure it, and why is it so darn important?

– What is the “Standard Yarn Weight System”? And how can it help you make better substitutions for any pattern?

– What the deal is with the manufacturer’s recommended gauge (y’know, the one on the ballband,) and how you can play with that information to get the drape and effect you want.

– Alllll about the different fibers commonly found in yarn and their unique individual properties. Learn how they play different roles in the structure, weight, and drape of your fabric.

– How to pick the perfect yarn for the perfect project!

– Who we saw Hazel flirting with behind the shop last week.*

Interested in learning to be your own best LYS employee? Nichole will be teaching this class from 10-1 on November 19th, during the weekend of the Bluegirl Knits trunk show! (You can also check out her great new Harvest collection and get 10% off the designs! Yay!) The class costs $30 and you’ll need nothing fancier than some paper and a pen 🙂 Give us a call at 503-922-1150, email, or drop by the shop to sign up!

*Ok, that one’s a lie, I’m not even sure how to get behind the shop. Her covert meetings will remain a secret.