Beyond Toes!!!


Oh, em, gee, we are so excited about Judy Becker’s new book, Beyond Toes for so many reasons! Let’s just list them for you:

1. Judy Becker is a Portland treasure, and this book is a labor of love for her. She is THE Judy, you know, the one from the Magic Cast-On? Yeah, THAT Judy.

2. There are many fantastic designers highlighted in this book, and lots of them are local..oh, my goodness! So many friends! So many Pacific Northwesterners! Check out the Ravelry page to see all of them, or, better yet, snag a copy of the book for yourself!

3. Vivian shot all the photos! Yes, OUR Vivian! The uber-talented Spindleshanks. The fabulous designer, photographer, and Twistedista. HOW EXCITING!!

4. We are hosting the Trunk Show October 31st through November 6th, so you can try on garments, pick out yarn, and even, on Sunday, November 6th, rub elbows with Judy and all those local designers. Details TBD, so check back soon.