Sock Design Workshop with Star Athena, Sockmaster Extrordinare

4949423231_65d2052aa1_m 1867147791_a2bc00d1e4_mlaurelhurst-socks-by-star-athenastar2 (A couple of Star’s bajillionty fabulous sock designs)

Want to design socks? It’s your lucky day! I’ll let the class description speak for itself:

Sock Design Workshop: Know the Rules, then Break Them
$30 With Star Athena

Are you ready to design your own socks? This sock design workshop covers the basics of sock construction and technique. We’ll ask questions like: Why go toe-up or cuff down? What will slip stitches, cables and ribbing do to the fit? How does stranding affect gauge? Then we’ll cover ways to unleash creativity onto the simple sock, mixing in alternative design ideas and unexpected elements. How can you make your designs stand out in a competitive market, and where can inspiration be found? We’ll brainstorm, sketch, and knit some designs in class. We’ll also discuss pattern writing, proofing, tech editing, and test knitting, tips and tools to make the design process easier, how to solve problems, and, finally, we’ll cover the submission process: how to do it and what to expect. By the end of the workshop, the sock knitter will feel inspired to take designing to the next level. They’ll have new designs on the needles and in the sketchbooks. If they want, they’ll even be ready to start submitting designs for publication.
Date/Time: Saturday, Oct 22, 10am-1pm
Materials: Sock yarn and needles for starting a sock you will design in class, (Choose something not too dark or overly busy). Usual knitting tools and notions, unlined paper, pencil, and knitter’s graph paper. Optional (but highly recommended): one or more stitch dictionaries, calculator, colored pencils (if you want to design colorwork socks) Bring in your existing design ideas if you’d like!
Prerequisites: You must be familiar with the basics of sock making, toe-up and cuff-down construction, different stitch patterns like lace and cables, reading knitting patterns and charts, and have a basic understanding of knitter’s math.

Sound good? It totally is. So good. Interested? Shoot us an email at, or call or stop by the shop (503-922-1150)!