Learn How to Weave at Twisted

Have you ever wanted to learn how to weave? Well, it’s time – Linda G. is here to teach you! She uses a Rigid Heddle Loom (one of the best out there is the Cricket, by Schacht, which we just so happen to carry here at Twisted). Learn a new way to use all those wonderful yarns – weaving on a rigid heddle loom is easy, portable, fun, and provides hours of relaxing fiber art time. Let your creativity flow as you design and weave a scarf with worsted weight yarn. Unlimited yarn, color, and pattern variations are possible on this simple loom. No previous weaving experience is necessary; beginners have great success with this first project. Come to Twisted and get hooked on weaving.

Sundays, October 16th and 30th, from 10am – 1pm (note that there are 2 weeks between classes)
Materials: Rigid heddle loom (we sell the Cricket Loom from Schacht at Twisted), any size or brand, 8 or 10-dent heddle; Stick shuttle; warping peg; sley hook or small size crochet hook; Paper grocery bags cut into 4 rectangular pieces; 2 skeins of worsted weight, smooth yarn, any fiber type except mohair or angora to weave into a fringed scarf (can use variegated yarn for one skein. Need at least 140 yds. for the warp yarn and 160 yds for weft yarn); 2 pieces of scrap worsted weight yarn, different color than project, about 24” long each; scissors.

If you are going to get your loom at Twisted, let us know as quickly as possible, so we can be sure to have enough in the shop for everyone who wants to take the class.