Knit Happens

So a few of you (I’m talking to you Sheryl!) may have already figured out that every other Wednesday I co-host an internet radio show called Knit Happens on
Michelle is the main dame who’s there every week, and Kristin and I trade off as her side kick. Just so you know, our show/podcasts are technically marked as “adult content” because internet radio like is not subject to FCC laws about swearing on air. And so you’ll occasionally hear the odd blue word here and there. We’re not talking Howard Stern here. More like your favorite aunt after she’s had a G&T. You have been warned!

ANYWHO, yesterday everyone’s favorite Twisted teacher/intellectual property lawyer/my friend Parna joined us! She talked about copyright law – both why/how not to infringe and how to protect yourself against infringement. Lord knows I’m a nerd, but I think this stuff is fascinating. Parna also talks about the classes she’s teaching this weekend at the Black Sheep Gathering (which her boyfriend says sounds like something vaguely occult) down in Eugene.

ANYWHO, check out yesterday’s episode here!