Pico Accuardi Trunk Show Recap

We had such a great time with Deb and Stev from PAD this Saturday! They brought so many fun things – oodles of yarn and rovings, gorgeous samples, wheels, looms…Goodness, it was fantastic. And, everyone here at Twisted is dying to dive into the wonderful world of weaving because of the show. If you, too, would like to be a weaver, you can totally order Cricket Looms through us ($145), and it’ll likely arrive within 2-3 weeks.

We still have a lot of yarn and roving in the shop, and, as mentioned previously, can order any Schacht products your little heart may desire, including any of their wheels. We have a Ladybug hanging out that you are more than welcome to play around on. Just give us a call at 503-922-1150 or stop in if you would like to order any Schacht product.