Eucalan – functional and funny

EucalanMost of you are probably already familiar with wool washes like Eucalan. It’s a no-rinse delicate wash that is non-toxic, biodegradable, and free of bleach, phosphates, synthetic fragrance and dye. It is pH neutral and is packaged in an easy to recycle, dye free hdpe plastic bottle. The lanolin acts as a natural conditioner, keeping fibres supple and reducing static.

But enough about that. My main point is that EVERYTHING is on YouTube these days…


Here’s a clip about Eucalan from the popular show Knitting Daily. Wool washes like Eucalan and Soak and others really are soooo much better for your hand knits than grocery store products.


This is the clip that started this blog post. The only thing funnier than a TV segment about washing your bras is the intro to this show. Though it does make me want a cupcake… and then to wash all my bras, I guess.

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  1. It’s true. Youtube is a great resource and you can find almost anything there. Thanks for sharing our videos and info with your readers!

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