Yay for Chrissy!

Chrissy Gardiner, local designer extraordinaire, has something very exciting coming our way. She has written a book. A wonderful, exciting, beautiful book. All about toe-up sock knitting! Yaay! It’s called, quite fittingly, Toe Up! Toe-up knitting is, as you all know, my preferred method.


The photos were shot by our good friend, Gail, and the patterns and worksheets are all to die for! Not only is it a beautiful book, it just may be the most useful sock book we’ve seen yet. We have an advanced copy in the shop for you to peruse, if you are local, and we’re one of the lucky places that are pre-selling the book.

If you are interested in ordering, please stop in or give us a call at 503.922.1150. Toe Up! is $24.95, and if you’d like it shipped, we’d be happy to do so as soon as we receive the books for an additional $5. We expect to receive Toe Up! in the beginning of August.

Yaaay, Chrissy! And, yaay for Toe-Up sock knitters everywhere!

3 thoughts on “Yay for Chrissy!

  1. I was just posting about this on the Twisted Ravelry group and it got me thinking about how much this book and Twisted are intertwined. As in, I never would’ve gotten into toe-up socks without Shannon’s evangelism and the class at the shop that people wouldn’t stop signing up for. And the book wouldn’t be nearly as pretty as it is without y’all hooking me up with my fabulous photographer. You guys really are a bad (I mean good. Good!) influence! 🙂

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