You GOTTA check this out

This really is the coolest thing, peeps – sit back, relax, and watch this two and a half minute video. It’s worth it!

Thanks, Anne, for sending this to us – we had quite a laugh over it this morning! GO SHEEP!!

And, we still have oodles of Blue Moon yarns – Socks that Rock, WooBu, Luscious Single Silk, Geisha…

6 thoughts on “You GOTTA check this out

  1. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen? Who comes up with that idea? Who takes the time to execute it?! All that said, I’m sure glad I got the chance to see it — and you can bet that I’m gonna make my husband watch tonight.

  2. WOW. pete and i just flipped out watching that. thank you for sharing!!

  3. holy wow. wonder how many weeks of filming & editing it took to yield this 2.75 mins of vid? guess this is what comes from too much time on the moors.

    love it!!

  4. Absolutely loved it!!! Sent it on to my grandsons……

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